Name :   Adeline
Where are you from? :   Cantilan--VA,USA
Comment :   Hello Suriguenos...
Name :   Cora Ang
Where are you from? :   Flemington, NJ
Comment :   Hi Elsie. Thank you for your nice comments. My best regards to the Rotarians and their Anns and to all our friends there.
Name :   elsiebayonla
Where are you from? :   bislig city philippines
Comment :   keep up the good work, more power to the USAA officers and members. God bless. Hello to ninang cora.
Name :   kringle
Where are you from? :   cantilan
Comment :   merry christmas sa ijo tanan!!!! more blessings to come our way...
Name :   pol urbiztondo
Where are you from? :   cantilan - canada
Comment :   
Name :   riza catelo ceballos
Where are you from? :   lakewood,CO - cantilan
Comment :   H i to all surigaonons!its nice to know we have this website to keep us reunited with our long lost KABABAYANS!!good job!!! we do need a little..just a little bit of upgrade on this site.thanks!
Name :   rvrobillos
Where are you from? :   lanuza
Comment :   !
Name :   rex eleazar
Where are you from? :   magasang - dammam - riyadh - ?
Comment :   magana na website. Post more pictures.
Name :   Emie Aldonza
Where are you from? :   Germany
Comment :   just wanted to say hello to all Surigaonons. I am from SurigaO City.
Name :   Emie Aldonza GrosKopp
Where are you from? :   Germany
Comment :   Just wanted to say hello to all Surigaonons, ug sa tanan nanakakilaya sa ako.
Name :   mitch doloricon
Where are you from? :   dubai
Comment :   hi! s tnan tga cantilan, s mga friends k s maya yparra, michelle loria, carlota. kumust n kamo tanan.
Name :   
Where are you from? :   
Comment :   This site is in need an Update,, hopefully it will have an action. Thanks
Name :   vicente tiangson
Where are you from? :   middletown n.j.
Name :   Ferdie Cale
Where are you from? :   Madrid,Surigao del Sur/Toronto,ON,Canada
Comment :   Kumusta ko rakan kamo dinhe mga Surigaonon sa U.S. East Coast.Sanan, Ipaabot rakan an ako pangumusta ngadto kan Ernesto (Boy Wawaks) Cedro sanan kan Mana Alak B.Hinaut na waya pa sija mahikalimut nan mga taga-Madrid,SDS bisan lajo na ta sa ato. Amora!
Name :   Aiken Chan
Where are you from? :   Cebu
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Name :   Aurt Revolos Miranda Jr.
Where are you from? :   Rome.Italy
Comment :   Very nice site More power to all...Marajao karajao
Name :   lezel r. gaas
Where are you from? :   cantilan- new orleans, la
Comment :   gana na website , hi to Maam Liwagon i dont know if u can still remember me, I was one of your student in highschool freshman- SSIT-Main. Do keep it up surigaonons.....
Name :   consuelo patosa yparra
Where are you from? :   claver surigao norte
Comment :   To Rose Pepino Conui , I am sosoi your classmate in SWU. pls read this note or anybody who knows her .I want to see you in person my husband and I are going to attend to your april 34th induction ball. there is a big reunion for our class in Houston Texas
Name :   connie yparraguirre
Where are you from? :   scottsdale .arizona
Comment :   I just want to say HI to my classmate in SWU school of nursing , Rose Pepino Conui and Dr Quintos husband and wife , if you still remember me, I worked with you in surigao prov hospital now CARAGA way back 1965-66 , I will see you in person on april 24 at
Name :   pitchy
Where are you from? :   can
Comment :   verrry niiice web:) hello sa tanan tanan tanan.
Name :   Pat R. Yparraguirre
Where are you from? :   Carrascal Surigao Sur/Al-khobar Saudi Arabia
Comment :   Marajao na site...kumusta tanan Surigaonons.
Name :   Tessie Dulhao
Where are you from? :   Tubod,SDN/Florence,Alabama
Comment :   Nice site!!! Hello sa tanan Surigaonons.
Name :   Tessie Dulhao
Where are you from? :   Tubod,SDN/Florence,Alabama
Comment :   Hello to all Surigaonons!! Gana sab ni na site.
Name :   Si Juaning Ako
Where are you from? :   Taga Magosilom Intawon
Comment :   Aghaton ta kamo na mga CARCANMADCARLANON diton, na mag tukod kamo nan CarCanMadCarLan of the East. Let us have a CCMCL in the East, North & south.
Name :   Ahguimath Jacquez
Where are you from? :   Surigao
Comment :   Hello! Marjao na adlaw sa ijo hurot! Im here in Minneapolis Minnesota. Nice to know we have Surigaon association here in the US. Thanks and hope youll visit my site too :) and sign our guestbook at the ClubEsulat.
Name :   Zenaida Pamalos- Hunt
Where are you from? :   Tubod,SDN/ Colorado
Comment :   Great site! hello to all Surigaonons.My home town is Tubod, SDN & presently residing now in Colorado.
Name :   Marjoy
Where are you from? :   Oregon
Comment :   Just wanted to say hi to Mrs. Vales. Kumusta na po kayo? Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Name :   Mike R. Suemith
Where are you from? :   Woodbridge, Virginia
Comment :   I just learned it that my kababayan from Surigao got a group here. Hope to meet you guys.
Name :   romeo yparraguirre
Where are you from? :   Cabongbongan, Carrascal-Scottsdale, Arizona
Comment :   Hello to my classmates in the east coast and fellow CCMCLnons. Its nice to have these links of websites. We are inviting all CCMCLnons to attend our induction ball May 25, 2003. Please see our website for the announcement and hotel locatio
Name :   Tessie Tomita
Where are you from? :   Lanuza, Surigao del Sur/Clinton, MD
Comment :   Hello to all, Im from Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. At this time, live in Clinton, MD.
Name :   Donnah Camingue Cinco
Where are you from? :   Tubod, Surigao Nte/Manila
Comment :   Nice site...hello to all Suriguenos.
Name :   Arnulfo S. Camingue
Where are you from? :   Tubod, SDN/Houston, TX
Comment :   Hello! to all Suriguenos. Marajaw na ini na website para makahimamat sa mga uban Surigaonon.
Name :   Flora Esguerra-Montilla
Where are you from? :   Cantilan/ Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Comment :   Just want to say hello to all my kababayans in New Jersey. Hope to joining you in one of your gatherings in the near future....
Name :   Emma Hotchkiss
Where are you from? :   Cantilan and San Diego
Comment :   Hello, Kumusta kamo tanan mga Suriguenos sa East Coast. Please watch for the first issue of the Bandillo, the CCMCL newsletter that will be coming out at the end of March and will be posted at The Bandillo is looking for
Name :   Aprilyn Belbar-Taylor
Where are you from? :   Nashville,TN
Comment :   Great site! I found my long lost chilhood friend, Emma Camingue ( Tubod,SDN ) please get in touch with me:
Name :   T.M.Vales - USAA
Where are you from? :   NJ
Comment :   The USAA-Eastern Seaboard conveys its deepest sympathy to the Catelo family on the death of Emma Catelos father, Julio Dimapilis. Nonoy & Em, with children Phyllis & Philip will leave for the Philippines on Friday, January 31, to attend the burial.
Comment :   After all these years of web-surfing I finally saw one that hits home and browsed all event pix posted in your website to see familiar and not so familiar faces i havent seen in years!! especially to my very own silingan Nonoy Catelo,Madeliene and Ardel(n
Name :   didi orozco buniel
Where are you from? :   new jersey-cantilangnon
Comment :   To our relatives and friends. Thank you for praying for my husband. Hes out from the hospital and feeling better now.
Name :   TMVales
Where are you from? :   New Jersey
Comment :   Sad news... The sudden death of Noblito Toto Rodriguez on Christmas Eve has dampened the festive spirits of many Suriguenos this holiday season. Viewing/funeral services will be held tomorrow, at the Gerard J.Neufeld, Inc. Funeral Home, on 88-04 43rd Ave
Name :   Emma Camingue Yparraguirre
Where are you from? :   Al-khobar,Saudi Arabia
Comment :   Nice website...hello to all Suriguenos. Merry Christmas!
Name :   Victorino L. Samarita
Where are you from? :   Makati City Philippines
Comment :   Nice site and informative
Where are you from? :   CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY
Comment :   just viewed your website. i surely missed the fun i had with you fellow surigaonons esp. the picnic 2001 when i was there to join(and even won a raffle prize!)..someday i'll visit you again!
Name :   dana duero
Where are you from? :   canada
Comment :   hi sorigaonon musta na
Name :   Nanie Millan Ang
Where are you from? :   New Jersey
Comment :   Hi to all Surigaonons. It would be great catching-up with you!
Name :   blackhawk
Where are you from? :   taiwan, r.o.c.
Comment :   just to say a BIG hello to all surigaonon's out there!
Name :   Badette M. Dulguime
Where are you from? :   Surigao City
Comment :   Nakit-an nako ijo website amo nangamusta ra.Ini ako kuman nagtrabaho sa Dammam
Name :   TM Vales
Where are you from? :   NJ
Comment :   HELLO, fellow SURIGUENOS. Drop a line and catch the Surigueno spirit. Or (re)ignite it, and keep it burning!
Name :   Cantilan Web Links
Where are you from? :   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Comment :   Link Exchange is offered at
Name :   Carrascal Library
Where are you from? :   Carrascal, Philippines
Comment :   CARRASCAL LIBRARY ***************** "Carrascal Library is a public library to improve the overall education and vocational skills of Carrascalanons resulting in building a stronger community." Donations are great
Name :   Jennifer
Where are you from? :   New Jersey
Comment :   HI! I just wanted to say hello to everyone and test this guest book! Hope to see a message from you soon! :)