Commanding General, Philippine Air Force, 1996 - 1999

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Birth & Family:

  • Born on January 8, 1943 in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur to the former Senecia Yuhico and the late William K. Hotchkiss II.
  • Married to Maria Teresa Paloma y Escano and blessed with children Karla, Tanya, William IV and Steven.

Military Education & Training:

  • Master of Arts in Education - University of the Philippines
  • Undergraduate Pilot - PAFFS, 1964 (number 2 in a class of 37)
  • Special Course on Negotiation, Course on Analysis of International Events and International Program - National Defense University, Washington DC, USA
  • F-5A/B Aircraft Combat Crew Training Squadron Officer's Course (number 2 in a class of 40)
  • Academic and Flight Instructor Course
  • Spanish Air Force Command General Course
  • F-86F Aircraft Combat Crew Training

Military Positions Held:

  • Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force
  • Vice Commander, PAF and concurrent Chief, OESPA
  • Division Commander, Wing Commander of the 205th Tactical Operations Wing
  • Chief of Air Staff, HPAF
  • Wing Commander of 570th Composite Tactic
  • Deputy Commander of WESCOM
  • Deputy Administrator, ODCS , General Headquarters
  • Combat Ready Pilot (performed 79 missions)
  • Member of the elite Blue Diamonds
  • Ex officio member of thePhilippine Eagle Foundation

Awards & Decorations:

  • Gold Cross; Distinguished Service Stars; PAF Gold Wings; Silver Wing Medal; PRPUCB Bronze Star; Military Merit Medals (11)
  • Anti-dissidence Campaign Ribbon; Mindanao & Sulu Campaign Medal & Ribbon; Luzon Campaign Medal & Ribbon; Visayas Campaign Medal & Ribbon; Disaster Relied & Rehabilitation Operation Ribbon
  • 25th Combat Mission Patch (F-86); 50th Combat Mission Patch (F-86); Certificate of Safety, Wing Accident-Free Patch
  • Distinguished Graduate Award; Seminar Outstanding Contributor Award; and Kahusayan Awards (3)

General Hotchkiss is the President and Chairman of the Board of the BANGKO nan CANTILAN, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. He founded the WILLIAM HOTCHKISS FOUNDATION, INC. and established the HOTCHKISS LEARNING CENTER, in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur for CARCANMADCARLANONS "to make them globally competitive in the fields of English and Science".

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