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About the Mamanua

As you know we have just formally launched the USAA Mamanua and Manobo Scholarship Program on May 10th at the 23rd Anniversary Ball in New Jersey. On the 9th of June, our first Mamanua scholar, Gina Hukman, will start school at St. Paul's College in Surigao City. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program.

The development and realization of the Scholarship Program is made possible by the dedication and efforts of various individuals within and outside of the organization. I would like to acknowledge and thank them for their valuable contribution to the project.

  • Teresita M. Vales.
    President of the USAA
    She is of one heart and mind with us in this undertaking. Her tireless support and guidance of this project, since its inception, is inspiring.

  • Nanie M. Ang, Felino A. Catelo, Ariel F. Silvosa, Alfonso A. Iriberri.
    The USAA Scholarship Committee.

    Intelligent, creative, compassionate, and generous, they have always found the time-despite their busy schedules-to attend the meetings I set-up and to complete their assigned tasks. I give special thanks to Nanie for being so gracious and never complaining about the rush jobs I assigned her, when we were creating the brochure.

  • Nestor and Aurora Santiago.
    Donors and Advisers.
    Aside from their generous contribution, a vote of confidence for this project, Rory has helped polish the final version of our brochure.

  • Antonio Villareal.
    Senior Analyst at the Department of Trade, Surigao City.

    When Baby Vales and I were still brainstorming ideas for this project, I called Tony immediately to sound it off. He loved the idea and assured me that he would help me get whatever I would need in Surigao. True, to his word, he assembled us a list of contacts and the best times for us to reach them. There were times when landlines and cell phones did not work in Surigao, I would send an email to whom ever I wished to contact there, care of Tony and he made sure it gets immediately delivered. Tony and I are so much alike, we believe that if there is a will, there will always be a way. I want to thank him with all my heart as this project could not have taken off so quickly without his invaluable assistance.

  • Gerlie E. Patagan.
    Public Health Nurse, NCIP, Surigao City.
    Gerlie was the first person on Tony's list of contacts. Gerlie is perfect for this job as she has a very kind heart and a lot of patience. There were times she would go to Mamanua communities in the hinterlands in a storm and cross flooded rivers just to get information for us because we had deadlines to meet. The committee depended on her to come up with a list of Mamanua candidates to the scholarship program taking into consideration our criteria for the selection of scholars. She also did for us the canvassing of local colleges and researched school costs. We are going to ask her help once again in orienting the scholar to city and college life, as well as monitor her physical well-being and her performance in school.

  • Marites P. Andoy.
    Graduate student at the University of the Philippines.
    Marites, despite her very busy schedule at work and school, found the time to brief me on her research on the indigenous people of Surigao. She sent us the resource materials she used for her thesis so Nanie and I would have some background information on the Mamanua and Manobo for the brochure we were writing.

  • Adelfa A. Iriberri.
    Mother to Boy Iriberri.
    She was a godsend, as we were ready to defer the Manobo portion of the scholarship because of the difficulty of putting together a list of Manobo candidates, who are 100% full-blooded. We would have had to wait until a committee member would have gone home to Surigao and do the gathering of data. Instead, Mrs. Iriberri sent us a short list of candidates, complete with the required supporting papers.

  • Charlene Binghoy.
    Head, NCIP, Surigao del Sur.
    Like Gerlie, Charlene is committed to our cause. She patiently answered my never ending questions about the Manobo culture, the size of the Manobo population in Surigao Sur, the total number of graduating seniors who would want to continue on to college, and school costs of local colleges. She also compiled us a list of 100% full-blooded Manobo candidates to the Scholarship Program.

  • Jolie Odvina.
    Surigao City.

    He is temporarily helping us out with the enrolment of Gina Hukman at St. Paul's College and assisting us in setting up her bank account at PNB in Surigao. He is always ready to help run our errands in Surigao and has kept his composure inspite of my numerous and exacting demands.

  • Milagros E. Paqueo.
    She is our temporary representative in Surigao Sur. She has accommodated our numerous requests wholeheartedly and have volunteered good advice on the handling of some sensitive issues regarding the Manobo Scholarship program.

  • Liza C. Paqueo.
    Editor, International Programs of the USDA Forest Service.

    Our first editor for the brochure. She did the beautiful artwork in the brochure, helped put it together and printed it as well. She also did a wonderful job with creating my PowerPoint presentation that showcased the project at the induction ball on May 10th.

  • Vicente B. Paqueo.
    Lead Economist, The World Bank.
    Adviser and second editor for the brochure. All I can say is that Vic is never too busy to help the cause of the under-priviledged. He has always been there to lend me his brains, so to speak, when I am at a loss for words and ideas.

Nida C. Paqueo
USAA Scholarship Committee

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