Mission Statement
About the Mamanua

To qualify for the scholarship, a candidate must:

  • Be 100% full-blooded Mamanua/Manobo,
  • Be native and resident of Surigao Norte/Surigao Sur,
  • Come from a poor or indigent family,
  • Be in good health,
  • Have no record of any disciplinary action in school or in the community,
  • Submit certification of good moral character from his/her high school,
  • Submit his/her report cards for 3rd year and 4th year, up to the 3rd quarter,
  • Submit 2 recommendation letters from his/her English and Math teachers,
  • Write an essay on why he/she wants to go to college and, after graduation, what he/she would like to do for his/her tribe,
  • Be willing to do at least 2 years of service to his tribe after graduation, and
  • Have an interview with the USAA's designated representative.

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