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Gina Hukman, the first USAA Mamanua scholar, belongs to the Cantugas tribe of the Lake Mainit Mamanua community. It is the oldest tribe on record and has occupied the same ancestral domain since before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Gina Hukman, 18 years old, is the younger of two children of Cain Hukman, a farmer and tribe's dakula (leader) and Bebiana Yubos, a housekeeper.

Gina is the first in her family to finish high school and hopefully go to college. Her parents worked hard to support her in school, doing highly physical jobs like hauling cut trees at logging companies, just to earn little money to meet her school needs. Gina is a very enthusiastic learner and has been attending leadership seminars in Butuan, Agusan.

Gina Hukman wants to become a teacher so that she can help educate younger members of her community and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. She sees education as a means for her people to escape poverty and deprivation and preserve the dignity of her culture. In her own language, Gina says,

" Kon makalampos di hao kolehiyo, matabangan o ya kanaong pamilya o ya kanaong mga kaliwat nga, makalingkawas ka kalisud. Giyahan ko sirang ka kanirang panghula daw pagtuo kadaw ya kanirang problema ka kinabuhi diri ki kinahanglan ya pagpangaju para lamang mabuhi. Kon ha pagpangaju ya hinungdan nga mawara ya kanami nga barunganan isip isa ka tribo."

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There is currently no Manobo scholar. The scholarship committee is currently in the process of selecting a student.

For more information on the committee's criteria selection, click here.

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